The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the integrated Trisakti School of Tourism (TST) and Guilin Tourism University (GTU) was held on 28 November 2017 at Campus of Guilin Tourism University (GTU), Guilin, Guanxi, China.

Mrs. Fetty Asmaniati as the President was signed on behalf of Trisakti School of Tourism and Mr. Lin Boming as the Vice President of Guilin Tourism University, also Mr. Djanadi Bimo Prakoso as the Chairman of Trisakti Foundation as the witness for this MoU. This MoU extends the previous visit of the delegates from Guilin Tourism University (GTU)  to Jakarta on the early of November 2017 as the part of the visit cooperation.

The aims of signing this MoU are to set out the basis for cooperation between Trisakti School of Tourism (TST) and Guilin Tourism University (GTU) in enhancing the academic through the Teaching and learning, Professional Training, Research and social services (joint research), Conducting of a student exchange activity and joint student recruitment, Conducting a lecture exchange and teaching workshop activity and any other academic related and to promote to the students the possibilities of studies and training in the partner institutions. Via this MoU, it is expected that it will broadens the opportunity for both parties to build an academic hub that provide necessary exposure and skill-set development programmes.

As a part of the extended MoU for the next program is to organizing of Unveiling Plaque Ceremony for TST-GTU Tourism Business School and Sino-Indonesia Tourism Academy which is will be held on December 12th, 2017 at Campus of Trisakti School of Tourism, Jakarta – Indonesia. And Guilin Tourism University (GTU) has been commited to send representatives of GTU to The 2nd of Tourism, Destination and Gastronomy International Conference (TDGIC) at March 2018 at Campus of Trisakti School of Tourism-Jakarta, and signing of agreement for joint research which is entrusted by Guilin Tourism University (GTU).

Trisakti School of Tourism (TST) and Guilin Tourism University (GTU) will look forward to a productive and wonderful partnership.

Reported by Nurima Rahmitasari, M.Si.Par.

Author: admin-oke