Saptarining Wulan

Saptarining Wulan

Dr. Saptarining Wulan, S.Si, MM
Lektor (Assistant Professor)

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    No. Research Topics Sample of Research Titles
    1. Gastronomic Tourism
    • Gastronomy Tourism Potential of Batak Tribe in North Sumatera
    • The Impact of Street and Food Festivals in Gastronomic Tourism Through Visitor’s Emotions and Satisfaction. A Case of Bangau Food Festival
    • Determination of the Effect of Coffee and Coffee Products on the Development of (Gastronomic) Tourism in Gayo, Aceh.
    • ‘Slow Food’ in the Eyes of Food and Beverage Business Managers
    • Papua as a Potential Culinary Destination: An assessment of the local cuisine for tourism destination
    • Food, Place and Authenticity: Local Food and Sustainable Tourism Experience in Raja Ampat, Papua Barat
    2. Food, Nutrition and Culture
    • How Do Padang People feel about Padang cuisine in Jakarta Pusat
    • Food as a Destination Branding
    • Sago for Food Security and Nutrition
    • Coffee and Modernity: Lifestyle and Culinary Heritage in Jakarta
    3. Food Anthropology
    • Food Anthropology of Gohu in Maluku Utara
    • The Determinants of dietary diversity and nutrition of Papuans in Papua
    • Local Connection of Sustainable Food System
    • Biodiversity of Tropical Rain Forest to Support Food Security and Sovereignty
    • Balinese Traditional Food/Cuisines
    • William Wongso and the Gastrodiplomacy of Indonesia
    • Gastrodiplomacy of Indonesian Embassy



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