Himawan Brahmantyo

Dr. Himawan Brahmantyo, MM

Dr. Himawan Brahmantyo, MM
Lektor Kepala (Associate Professor)

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    No. Research Topics Sample of Research Titles
    1. Service Quality – Customer Satisfaction – Customer Loyalty

    (in Hotel/Restaurant/Shopping Center, Museum)

    • The Influence of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
    • Developing a Service quality Model for Private Higher Education Institute
    • Service Quality and previous experience in Determining Tourists’ Satisfaction
    • The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Retention through Commitment and Satisfaction
    • Product Quality, Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction
    • Evaluation of the impacts of Service Quality, Location and Price on  Customer Satisfaction
    • How Brand Trust is Influenced by Service Value and Service Quality
    • The Relationship between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
    • A Study of preferences of Business Female Travelers on the Selection of Accommodation
    • Service Quality in Hotel/Restaurant/Shopping Center; and the Role of Training
    • The Effect of Seervice Quality on the Domesstic Tourist Loyalty in the Hotel/Restaurant industry
    • A Model of Customer Satisfaction, and retention  for Hotels
    2. Service Quality and Tourist Perception/Behaviour
    • Tourists’ Perceptions of Service Quality in Tourism Areas
    • Service Quality Influence in Customer Behaviour
    • Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Value and their Relationships with Post-Purchase Behaviour
    • Measurement of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral intention among Tourist Destinations
    • Service Quality Recovery influenced the Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase intention
    • Demographics variables on service quality in tourism
    3. Service Quality and Tourist Destination
    • The Influence of Service Quality on Revisit Intention to Tourist Destination
    • Measuring Service Quality at Tourist Destinations; an application of Importance Performance Analysis
    • The Effect of Service Performance and Image on Revisit intention to Tourist Destination
    • Quality Management of Tourist destination in the perception of Visitors’ Satisfaction
    4. Service Design
    • Service recovery influence the customer satisfaction
    • A Model of Customer Satisfaction and Retention for Hotels
    • Customer Participation in the creation of Service Offering
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