Author: Nurima Rahmitasari, M.Si.Par.

Mr. Yvonne Klerks MSc arrival in Indonesia, especially Jakarta on the last of August 2017, is part of the courtesy visit from NHTV Breda University Of Applied Sciences Netherlands to Indonesia. Visitation to Trisakti School of Tourism, Jakarta is part of the visit activities series of universities in Indonesia.

On this courtesy visit was participate by the Chairman of Trisakti Foundation – Mr. Djanadi Bimo Prakoso, President of Trisakti School of Tourism – Mrs. Fetty Asmaniati, Head of 4-year Diploma in Hotel Program – Mr. Agus Riyadi, and  International Program Dept. –  Ms. Nurina Rahmitasari.

NHTV is a government-funded university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, whisch prepares the students for the management-level positions in an international setting. This university have  a international accreditations from , for instance, the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Leisure Organization and the Internasiobal Facility Management Association underline the quality of education.

On this courtesy visit there are some discussion about the general information of NHTV Breda University Of Applied Sciences Netherlands, education programs that offering, joint research between students and lecturers among institutions between two countries (Indonesia and Netherlands), guest lecture from NHTV Breda University Of Applied Sciences Netherlands for STP Trisakti School of Tourism and other possibility joint collaboration between us.

Author: admin-oke