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Tourism Business Center

Tourism Business Center

Skill and Profession Course

Cooking Class
Course attendants will be studying basic method of food processing. Numerous recipes of Indonesian Menu to International Menu (Oriental and European Cuisine) will be given.
Some essential lesson about prefering basic ingredients, storing and Cost Control will be be trained.
Length of Course : 2-5 days

Professional Bartendering
Course attendants will be introduced to bar definition and all aspects related to it, as well as beverage mixing method according to International standar recipe.
Flyering Bottle which can attract customer’s attention will also be mastered in this program. This is supported and completed with related theories, for instance: Salesman Skill, Cost Product and Cost Control.
The length of course is 3-5 days.

Private Course
This course can be attended in private or personally to specific function.
Skill course offered are:
•  Bakery
•  Pastry
•  Cooking
•  Table manner
•  High Tea
The length of the course is 7-30 days.

Service Offered

Management Consultant
Trisakti Tourism Management Development Center as supported by competent human resources in the business, provides consultant service of company management or offering solution to each problem exist in related field or business, particularly in Hospitality Industry.
For that reason, LPMK can assist companies in the needs of constructing or implementing a system to optimize standard of excellent performance with the objective is to capitalize company’s performance productivity.

Related field to handle:
Human Resources Management
•  Financial Management
•  Marketing Management
•  Entrepreneurship Management
•  Home Industry Management
•  Research and Development

Human Resources Recruitment
To facilitate the demand of job opportunity in addition to fulfill the needs of qualified human resources to companies, Trisakti Tourism Management Development Center proposes “Recruitment Service” to answer many confusion of companies to their demands. The service’s capacity is ranged from selection, contract signing and productivity and performance assessment of hired employees.

TOEFL and TOEIC  preparation
Facilitate to training students or employees to have TOEFL and TOIEC preparation,from pretest till final test,with profesional tutor.

What We Provide